Everybody loves drones and babies!


“Why drones and babies?,” you ask.


We’re glad you asked.  Here’s our story.

The company was started by a husband and wife team who had recently brought a new baby into the world when Drone High was created.  For Father’s Day that year, the wife bought the husband his first aerial drone.  It was very much a delightful surprise since the drone was a purchase the husband had previously refused to make for himself.  Being the techy that he is, the husband became fascinated with aerial drones and all of their capabilities.

Once the husband realized the potential aerial drones had to be useful in so many situations, an idea was born and his wife was onboard.  He used his hobby of flying aerial drones to help companies showcase their businesses, real estate companies promote their properties and capture special moments at events.  And people have been reaching out to him for aerial drone video and photography ever since.

Even with a growing fleet and more projects to work on, the husband still makes time to fly his drones for fun.  He and his wife often use this time as family time and bring along the new baby.  While they are out flying the drones, all of the guys stop to check out the drone and all of the ladies stop to check out the baby.  And they both lead to great conversation and even more fun for the day because apparently, everybody loves drones and babies!

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