Before there were aerial drones, there were ladders…and really expensive aircrafts.

Before aerial drones were available to the public, you had to have a really tall ladder or access to some type of aircraft to take aerial videos and photos. If you ask us, a really tall ladder seems kind of risky and a fuel burning aircraft seems quite expensive. Thankfully, technology has advanced so that we can now use aerial drones to get the job done much more safely and whole lot less costly. Plus, there are so many other uses of these tiny (in comparison) aircrafts, we wonder what did we ever do without them.

The military was the first to use aerial drones as a method of surveillance. And there’s a good chance that when you hear the word surveillance, you think about security cameras and criminal acts. That’s not always the case in a lot of industries. Farmers can use aerial drones for surveillance to monitor their livestock; Fire departments can use them to track and map large fires; Companies can use aerial drones to monitor infrastructure; and we are sure there are a lot more surveillance use that people can think of for aerial drones.

Aerial drones can also be packed with sensors so the drones themselves can be used for remote sensing as well. Archaeologists, geological surveyors, farmers and many more industries can benefit from aerial drone remote sensing. For example, multi-spectral instruments can measure crop density and provide a count of plants. They can also access plant health and check water quality.

Furthermore, aerial drones are being used for all sorts of things such as aiding those in disaster relief, for oil, gas, and mineral exploration. Also, they are being used to gather information for the real estate and construction industries, for commerce and even for recreation. Our favorite, of course, is to use the aerial drones for video and photography. We love using aerial video and photography to help companies promote their business, to give surveyors and construction companies aerial views of property, to capture special moments for people in a unique way, and to collaborate with others on their projects and ideas.

Other than the military and government use of drones, people are using aerial drones for personal hobbies to commercial business. No matter what you are using drones for, you must always exercise caution and respect because privacy is a major concern for many people. Therefore, we caution you to be careful of who, what and where you take photos and video with your drone.

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